Natural Capital — bringing a business mindset to environmental issues.

  • At our current rate of topsoil erosion, we have 60 years of farming left.
  • Today’s food is up to 30% less nutritious than in generations past — causing a ‘hidden hunger’ in 2 billion people, where they consume enough calories but the food does not provide sufficient nutrition.
  • Ground-water and aquifers are in steep decline across the board, and water contamination from chemical and industrial farm runoff is causes human and environmental disasters.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions drive pollution and climate change, with Agriculture contributing ~11% of that (which doesn’t include the massive carbon store we lose as we erode soil and release carbon back into the atmosphere).
  1. Produce natural nutrient rich foods.
  2. Restore plant and animal diversity to our lands.
  3. Regenerate soil and remove carbon from the atmosphere.
  4. Make farming an attractive and profitable enterprise.



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